Mūtāre Earrings

A pair of lovingly-designed earring set made from Amazonite nuggets and Kyanite beads with 925 silver (sterling silver) and nickel-free components.

Mūtāre is latin for “to change”.
Mūtāre Earrings are interesting, delicate and interchangeable.
It is made for the lady who wants to go from day to night, from serious professionalism to crazy flirty fun.

Kyanite is named after the Greek word for “blue”. In ancient times it was believed that a Kyanite suspended from a human hair could fallow the Earth’s magnetic force like a compass needle. In those times travellers took Kyanite along with them, when they entered unknown territories. Kyanite is believed to aid self-expression, communication and supernatural abilities.

Amazonite is named after the Amazon River in Brazil.
Surprisingly, no deposits of it have been found there. The name likely refers to the variable green shades of the rainforest along the big river that are reflected in the gemstone. Amazonite is said to calm one’s emotions and soothe nerves, and to enhance creativity and the ability to express oneself.

 We hope with Mūtāre Earrings,
you can embrace the
changes in you
to come.